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Daya Karoly
soul coach

i see you

Divine Design,

One of A Kind,

The Embodiment of Perfection,

Unique Stardust.

Have You Forgotten?

We are a vital part of Mother Nature,

Of the Universe!


You and Me, we are from the Same Source.

I am here to Shine Clarity onto the Forgotten part of You,

So that You can once more remember

Your Divine Grace,

Your Divine Creations in the Chaos,

being held by the whole Universe.

So that We can All once more,

Remember that We Chose to be Here,

In the exact perfect time and space,

To SHINE in our Grand Divine Light,

Take up Space,

Being fully Embodied,

Receiving all the Love and Light!

Get to know me!

My name is Daya Karoly

I experience myself as a Mystic, Energy Healer and Activator, Creator of Sacred Spaces, Connecting different Worlds of Energy, Connecting with the Spirit of the Land, Pattern Interrupter and a Mustang.

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In this incarnation, I have chosen to be the force of (soul) family and society, who is a bridge between different worlds with my deep truth and knowledge. – Lifepath 7

are you ready to choose the most authentic and abundant timeline for yourself

and let go of what no longer serves that?

Explore the Best Digitalcoloring Art _ D

soul reading

Energy clearing and activation

1:1 session 


Energy re-alignment to connect You back into Your authentic energy pattern. This session will be personally tailored to Your energy and Soul purpose.

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